Manny Pacquiao holds 'preach and greet' in California

GLENDALE, Calif. – Manny Pacquiao has taken “meet and greet” to an even higher and holier level, as he held a “preach and greet” in Glendale.

The same hands he used to pummel opponents are also used to clap and move along to praise songs.

“Sunday is God’s day, so we to share,” Pacquiao explained. “Share the Word of God.”

Pacquiao testified to his fans about how he found his new religious outlook, while some of his friends also testified as to how the Fighting Congressman has influenced them.

“I used to drink, gamble, and have lots of women around,” Pacquiao said. “I use to always fool around. But one night I had a dream that I heard the voice of God.”

Some of his friends also shared how the fighting congressman’s renewed religious spirit has influence them.

“I owe him my life, I would like to thank him not only as my idol—he is, I can say, my savior,” Ami Almerol, who owns the Noypitz restaurant where hundreds gathered for the “preach and greet,” said.

The Los Angeles phase of Pacquiao’s training camp has entered its third week and the Pacman said he has been feeling good.

“Everything’s okay,” said Pacquiao.

While Pacquiao continues to show love, faith, and compassion outside the ring, inside the ring he promised that the aggressiveness and killer instinct will be on display against Timothy Bradley.

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