Manny Pacquiao announces PDP–Laban congressman speaker candidate

LOS ANGELES — The intensity has picked up. Manny Pacquiao came into the gym earlier than usual and sparred for ten rounds on Tuesday afternoon.Despite his laser line focus in the ring, the Pacman continues to fulfill.

“He’s incredible he had such a heavy hand and speed is still there. His accuracy his timing everything you hear about Manny is still there.”

Even with his laser-like focus the Pacman’s mind is never far from politics, after this intense sparring day, he had some political business to take care of.

Before he made his way to the U.S., Pacquiao met with president Rodrigo Duarte and other members of PDP-Laban political party.

At that meeting, party leader Sen. Aquilino Pimentel III designated the Pacman to make the official announcement — which he did from his living room after his Tuesday sparring session.

“The majority of PDP–Laban representatives have signed a manifesto of support for our candidate. By the power invested in me, by the president of the party, I am therefore announcing the endorsement of support for the PDP–Laban Congressman Lord Allan Velasco as speaker of the House of Representatives for the full term of the Philippine Congress,” he said.

The Pacman, speaking as a party member, spoke highly of the 41-year-old Marinduque representative.

“Magaling naman si Lord Velasco as a leader at iexpect natin maganda, at massuportahan nya mga pankolan, mga patulong sa bay an pilipinas. ”

The house speaker will be chosen the morning of the state of the nation address on Monday July 22nd, shortly after his July 20th fight against Keith Thurman.

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