Manny documentary director gets exclusive look at iconic Burning Man festival

He spent years following Manny Pacquiao around the world for the Pacman’s Manny documentary, and now Fil-Am filmmaker Ryan Moore has gotten the rare opportunity to document an event that very few lenses have captured.

“I always wanted to do a film out there to see what it was like and I also want to introduce people to it, in my own way so they can get a sense of what its like without showing too much. I don’t want to reveal too much about it.

Ignite has a special meaning to Moore, whose best friend introduced him to seven-day desert escape in Nevada.

“My best friend Tom, he died of cancer about 11 years ago, and after he passed that summer, I said you know what it was favorite place to go, so I’m gonna go check it out, and see why he loved it so much so I went with my sister, my cousin, some friends and it struck me to as this is why this guy loved it. It’s incredible the community out there is amazing.”

Since then, Moore has been to several festivals in the past decade.

But last year’s trip took on a special meaning as he embarked on ignite, assembling an all-star team to put the 18-minute film together, including Marvel’s Filipino American artist Anthony Francisco, who did some of the artwork for Moore.

“This film has been different from a lot of things that have been shot out there. People have taken photos, put things on Instagram — but no one has ever filmed the event, filmed with cinema cameras before. Because it’s a private event.”

The film ran this weekend at Lammele Royal Theater in West LA, just in time for the countdown to the annual burning man festival that kicks off at the end of this month — this year will also have an even deeper meaning, as Burning Man’s founder Larry Harvey had passed away early this year.

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