Manila Valley helps Pinoy start-ups

by Rommel Conclara, ABS-CBN News


SAN FRANCISCO – 24-year-old Fil-Am Irwin Gonzales, and his fellow co-founders of Jamout – a product that aims to help independent musicians manage their own career, without the need for a manager or record label – participated in a Silicon Valley accelerator for start-ups.


The Jamout founders, along with 10 other entrepreneurs, are part of bootcamp for early stage Filipino start-ups focusing on mentorship, in order to build and scale successfully.

Held at Google’s Launchpad Space in San Francisco, these start-ups received a free full day of mentorship from successful entrepreneurs, learning about traction and results, and pitching to real investors and receiving constructive feedback.

“This is something you would find a very prestigious accelerators, such as Y combinator or 500 and what not. The caliber of the talent of the people here, the mentors, have been incredibly amazing,” said Gonzales.

The event is headed by fellow kababayan Chris Peralta, who is the CEO and founder of Manila Valley – which focuses on connecting with other Filipino entrepreneurs to help them thrive in Silicon Valley.

“It’s having those experts provide not just the techniques, but based on their experience, give them some guidance to really figure out how they could grow and accelerate their business fast,” said Peralta. “It’s really competitive out there, so if you have that wealth of experience at your fingertips– that’s an ingredient, I believe, to help these start ups grow and accelerate.”

While the San Francisco Bay Area is home to Silicon Valley, Google says they are well aware of the growing talent of Filipino entrepreneurs in the US and Philippines – and is actively working with many to help build up their companies.

“Here in the [Launchpad] space we love to host start ups from around the world, and it’s open to everyone, anytime,” said Ido Green, a start-up accelerator at Google Launchpad, at the event. “We are focusing one Filipino start-ups … and it’s a great privilege for us, because Chris [Peralta] is an uber mentor in our programs, and he brought extremely quality start-ups, so it’s always a pleasure to work with those that are already moving in the right direction.”

“One thing that I like to advocate is to understand that you don’t understand everything and its important for everyone to get the basics of their own company but past that point its just all perspective,” added Peralta. “You learn a lot and events like this is what exactly epitomizes the trend of learning, growing, building up what they need to build up.”

According to Peralta, after the bootcamp accelerator, the mentorship does not end. Google and Manila Valley plan to maintain the relationships made with the 11 different Filipino start-ups at the event, to help them grow and become successful businesses.


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