Manila Killa: Meet the Fil-Am making a name for himself in the world of electronic dance music

SAN FRANCISCO — A young Filipino American DJ is making a name for himself, and the Philippines — as he continues to elevate his career in the world of electronic dance music.

Chris Gavino is known to the world as Manila Killa — every performance, he stands in the wings, knowing that thousands in attendance are waiting for him to hit the stage.

“Honestly, it’s like a rush like no other. It’s the craziest rush I ever had. It all happens so fast, thinking of a million things at once, but it’s exciting.”

This is the 1993 Tour, named in honor of his first EP release.

Dropped earlier this year — “1993” has already earned praise from critics and fans all over the world.

“It’s been kind of overwhelming. I wasn’t expecting this many people to be listening to it. I have fans from like India hitting me up and I never had that before. So I think on a global level I’m really impressed with how it’s done.”

Having spent part of his childhood in the Philippines, Gavino credits his roots for the inspiration behind his songwriting.

Chris Gavino, from Washington DC, is “Manila Killa.”

“My parents use to listen to all of that kind of music, like a lot of the Filipino ballads. It’s like every time we’d take the car some where they’d be playing the smooth jazz radio. And I feel like that’s just where it stemmed from.”

The Washington DC-based music producer says this project was a combination of many things: finishing songs from his college days, the first time singing on a track, and creating honest music that focused on his own experiences.

With a tour expanding from the scheduled 11 stops, his music being streamed all over the world, and the obvious fact that the capital of the Philippines is in his stage name, it would be impossible for Gavino to not notice the intense love he is getting from the Filipino community.

“I’m really happy to hear fans be like we’re so happy to see a Filipino represent because I guess I sort of fell into this position. I love our culture. I love our food. I love our dance. I love our music. So honestly it’s just really trying to share that with everyone.”

With his debut EP “1993” already out, and the positive reviews he is getting, Manila Killa’s fan base continues to grow. That’s why Gavino says he is focused more than ever on making great music for years to come.

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