Manhunt underway for Filipino suspect in death of an Illinois attorney

An international manhunt is underway for a Filipino man suspected in the strangulation death of a Northbrook, Illinois real estate attorney.

36-year-old Jigar K. Patel was found dead in his Northbrook Law office on December 7th, 2016.

The Northbook police department ruled Patel’s death as a homicide, and believed a man caught on surveillance video leaving the building is the suspect 51-year-old Filipino John G. Panaligan, who lives in Aurora, Illinois.

Police suspect that Patel’s murder stemmed from a lawsuit involving Panaligan over a home health care business.

A no-bond-arrest warrant for first-degree murder was issued for Panaligan.

Panaligan, who owns property in Tuy, Batangas remains at-large, and reports say that he left the United States by truck over the Mexican border near El Paso, Texas in January.

An international alert has been issued by the federal government for Panaligan’s arrest and extradition.

The Northbrook police department and the U.S. Marshals service continue to search for Panaligan’s whereabouts.

Anyone with information may call 847-664-4464.

The wife of the late Jigar Patel, Amy, joins BA via phone to talk about the situation, to clarify the relation was between her late husband and the suspect John Panaligan, and fearing for her life as authorities continue to search for Panaligan.

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