Manhunt for Columbine-obsessed Sol Pais ends; Denver schools re-open

COLORADO — The manhunt that gripped the Denver, Colorado area for almost 24 hours ended with just one casualty.

The 18-year-old Florida woman, Sol Pais, was found Wednesday with a self-inflicted wound according to the Jefferson County sheriff.

“Part of me is grateful that she’s no longer a threat but then also as a mother I’m like, she’s dead, she might be dead, her parents are living with that, and that’s the worst feeling in the world. On the other hand, we have a thousand schools closed in Colorado because of her actions so there’s a part of me that feels a huge relief because she’s been found.  It’s not a good situation anyway you look at it,” said resident Amanda Williams.

Williams’ daughter was among the thousands of students in the metro Denver area who had to stay home on Wednesday after 20 school districts decided to close because of what the FBI believed to be a serious threat.

Pais, according to the FBI, was infatuated with the 1999 Columbine High School massacre — which left 12 students and a teacher dead.

On Tuesday, the FBI announced that they were conducting a massive manhunt for Pais in the Denver area.

“We identified that she departed the airport and went to a store where she did procure a weapon. She obtained a pump action shotgun and ammunition. She was then taken to an area where she was last seen, out towards the foothills..”

And that’s where officials said they found Pais dead that morning, about 45 miles west of Denver.

Williams, who lives in Aurora, said she also knew people affected by the July 2012 movie theater shooting which left 12 people dead.

Meanwhile, Williams’ daughter will be back to school on Thursday. School districts announced that they will be open with heightened security.

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