Mandatory evacuations as NorCal’s Oroville Dam threatens flooding

by Rommel Conclara, ABS-CBN News


YUBA CITY, CA — Filipino-American Plen Brion received a mandatory emergency evacuation order at his Pluma Lake home on Sunday afternoon, after the emergency spillway at the Oroville Dam began to erode, threatening to flood communities downstream.

The spillway guards against the dam’s overflow when water levels are high.

Complying with the message, Brion was among some 188,000 people who evacuated from several Northern California counties.

On Monday, Brion briefly returned to his home to pick up his medication.

“As you can see from this place the house is not clean the dishes are still in the sink… because we just left because it was an emergency!” Brion said.

Brion and his family have lived in their home for the past decade.

He says, he never expected something like this could happen.

“Flood insurance wasn’t mandatory anymore because they just upgraded the levees  But right now the levees are kind of high with water,” he said.

Meanwhile, in Yuba City, Ed Hernandez and his family decided to stay than evacuate  from their home Sunday night.

“As a Filipino, I’m used to a flood and I know that during a flood, we can still swim outside the house… and I want to experience it in America,” Hernandez joked.

While Hernandez kept light of the very serious situation, he still made sure that his family was accounted for.

“We know that it takes time for the water to come down from the dam,” he said. “My kids would like to go right away, and my eldest son was at the Kings game last night…he was telling me that he would go to Stockton, but his mom told him to come home.”

With the cars full of gas and belongings gathered together just in case, the Hernandez family spent the night together watching the latest news updates about the dam.

“We kept seeing the numbers decline as the hours [went on]… so we ended up staying,” said Kenneth Hernandez. “But a lot of our friends, a lot of our neighbors, did go to other cities and evacuated.”

The Oroville Dam, America’s tallest dam, remains intact.

Officials say water is no longer flowing over the emergency spillway, and lake levels are continuing to fall.

But evacuations continue, as officials try to make repairs before new storms hit later in the week.


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  • Mario
    15 February 2017 at 11:16 am - Reply

    The Governor & State legislature was warned over and over again for the past 12 years, that spillway at Oroville Dam- the tallest Dam in the US- at risk of collapse, prompting evacuation of 180K people.The Governor,his legislature did not spent a cent to fix the spillway,instead poured Billion Dollars into the “Railway to Nowhere” and spend money catering illegal alien.Now ask Trump for help??,the Governor who spit the face of Trump and said we will not enforce your immigration law and CA will stay as Sanctuary State.They want Trump to send them money now to fix the spillway.The SF Police Chief,Sheriff,Mayors, AG said would not enforce Trump immigration order and make CA to stay as Sanctuary State..The National Debt is 20 Trillion, 10 Trillion were spend for progressive agenda for the last 8 years,we the taxpayers don’t have the funds.Californian time to FIRED your leaders….