Mamasapano another example of PNoy’s failures, Fil-Am activists say

SAN FRANCISCO – For these Filipino-American activists, the Mamasapano clash points to one thing: President Aquino is unfit for office.

“The pork barrel issue that is still unresolved and is an on-going thing, he swept that under the rug and now he’s showing us he can’t even keep his own men, the Philippine National Police, protected and he wasn’t even there at their burial,” said Faye Lacanilao, BAYAN-USA regional coordinator. “So I think at this point the people really feel his neglect.”

They also say how the operation was a failure despite U.S. involvement.

“The Philippines is hiding the U.S. involvement because again it goes back to the violation of our Constitution that no foreign activity should be happening on our land,” said Angelica Cabande, South of Market Community Action Network (SOMCAN) organization director.

They also cite Aquino’s failing leadership when the families of the fallen soldiers and survivors say they felt insulted and disrespected when they were visited by the President.

“He’s stalling the investigation of Mamasapano by going to these fallen SAF family members but when they ask him the hard questions he can’t even answer them and I think that really shows who he serves and he serves himself,” said Lacanilao.

The activists are also saying that Filipino Americans should be made aware of the Mamasapano clash because they are indirectly aiding these events.

“We have to remind ourselves that it’s our tax dollars that we really work hard for that gets sent to the military in the Philippines to make these operations successful,” said Lacanilao.

Following these community forums, these Filipino American activists are planning a national day of action this Tuesday to call on the resignation of President Aquino and to commemorate the People Power Revolution.

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  • Generoso Magaoay
    23 February 2015 at 7:56 pm - Reply

    I don’t know where these Filipino activist keep insisting their self righteous rumor mill that there was some kind of U.S. involvement in Mamasapano. Even some priest that claimed to have some information only could produce some sea stories that troops were seen in the area days before the operation. If the U.S. were involved, the result would have been of great success. Maybe Pnoy have been watching too many special operations movies and wanted to copycat some?
    So Cabande wants to push for People Power Revolution? Since the Aquino’s were brought to power because of the said revolution, terrorism in the south has gotten worst and so are the CPP-NPAs. Crime in Manila or in the Philippines in general has gotten worst. I hope Cabande realize that people power revolution are for the lazy people who does not have anything better to do and are relying everything from the government. It is sad to say but these are facts and they are indisputable.

  • Kenikeni
    24 February 2015 at 12:02 pm - Reply

    Nakisawsaw na naman mga walang kwenta Activists!!