Malibu holds community town hall, as some evacuation orders are lifted

SANTA MONICA — Families are now slowly returning to the charred remains of their communities.

The deadly campfire has killed at least 48 people and has grown to 130,000 acres, and is 35 percent contained.

In Southern California, Los Angeles County residents have begun returning home, including some parts of Malibu, where the whole city of 13,000 was placed under mandatory evacuation orders.

Fil-Am County firefighter and public information office David Dantic has been fighting the blaze while meeting with concerned community members.

“In my 11 years as a firefighter, I’ve never experienced anything like this, the winds were going up to 60 miles per hour where the fire activity was very great, and it made it a terrifying sign. You can see the devastation of the fire and what it’s caused here,” said Dantic.

He was there as hundreds of Malibu residents packed the gym as city, safety, and federal officials gave updates on the 100,000-acre blaze that is now 40 percent contained.

“There’s a lot of concerns and unfortunately we can’t give them enough answers here we’re still working continuously on this fire. As of now, it’s 40 percent contained. We’re working throughout the night trying to contain the fire so it doesn’t get any bigger. And we want to get people back in their homes.”

City officials got emotional, while some displaced residents showed their frustrations.

Asians make up about 3 and a half percent of the 13,000 Malibu residents.

One Filipino family had lost their home in Malibu due to the fire, and another Filipino Malibu Hills homeowner has told us that while they were evacuated for several days, their evacuation order was lifted on Tuesday night.

They say a neighbor that defied the orders told them that their property was safe.

While some evacuation orders are lifted in certain areas, utility companies warn residents that may come home to no electricity or drinkable water upon their return.

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