Malaya’s solidarity movement to defeat DU30 dictatorship

NEW YORK —  A revolution is brewin among these Filipino-American youths.

They say President Duterte’s war on drugs and the alleged human rights violations in the Philippines have brought them together to form a solidarity movement called “Malaya.”

“Malaya is a US movement against the killings and dictatorship and for democracy in the Philippines,” said Christine Fabro.

Malaya first convened last February 6, attended by concerned Fil-Ams from the east coast to the west.

“Many of our families migrated here because of fascist dictatorship under Marcos and understanding that we have much of a role and a say against dictatorship like our kababayans abroad,” said Nikki Pagluyan.

They believe they are seeing pages from the Marcos playbook all over again.


“Duterte is unfolding himself more and more everyday into somebody similar or worst than Ferdinand Marcos, just learning from the lessons from the past; Filipinos in the US, fighting for change in the Philippines,” said Fabro. “Malaya felt the need to establish a formation of Filipinos based in the US to fight a dictatorship.”


“During Marcos, when you say dictatorship, essentially there was no congress, no media, he was a one man law writing institution, lahat ng batas nuon, were written by marcos, they were called presidential decree,” said Noel Pangilinan.

Pangilinan says – while the Duterte administration is not considered dictatorial at this time – but he says its dangerously close to one.


“Seryoso ang effort ng duterte ngayon tumungo duon, lahat ng kritiko niya kanyang binabatikos din, in way sinasabi natin s ingles na dined-demonize niya lahata ng bumabatikos sa kanya, so far sa tingin ko hindi niya kailangan mag declare ng martial law, bakit kontorlado niya ang kongreso at senado, ang laka ng effort niya na tirahin, barahin ang media.”


Pangilinan says Malaya is growing, and aims to partner not just with Filipino organizations, but with international human rights organizations or as well as with the US Congress, who they say could apply enough pressure to prevent the Duterte administration from turning into a dictatorial government.”


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