Malaya Movement vs. Duterte supporters clashed at PNP launch

NEW YORK — In an effort to improve its image globally and enhance trust between the Philippine National Police and Filipino communities in the US, PNP superintendent Rhodel Sermonia launched the new Global Police Community Relations program in New York City on Friday.

Sermonia says this program will allow Filipinos to report crimes via the PNP PCR’s website and social media.

“Being the director of community relations, we’re the one in charge of improving the image, changing the mindset, changing the perception of the community.”

But just less than a minute into Sermonia’s presentation at the Philippine Center in New York, Malaya movement members disrupted the event in protest.

It did not take long for President Duterte’s supporters to counter the Malaya protesters.

The shouting match escalated into pushing and shoving as Duterte supporters forced protesters out of the Kalayaan Hall.

When asked how much money this global PR campaign is going to cost Filipino taxpayers, Sermonia says, “we have limited funds for this, we have generous kababayans all over the world.”

Sermonia says this program will be requested and included in the next PNP budget the amount of which is still not clear.

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    11 October 2018 at 1:01 am - Reply

    According to Doctor Wil G A-Med (aka William Gener Acob), the Malaya protesters are one of the many “bleeding heart” groups inspired by the Big Pimping Jose Maria Sison…Doctor Acob clarified that he is talking about Gabriela-USA, Anakbayan-USA, Bayan-USA, etc. According to Sison, these groups are the front liners of the CPP-NPA in the Philippines.