Malaya Movement protestors call out Duterte administration, push for democracy

WASHINGTON DC — “No justice, no peace, stop the killings in the Philippines!”

Their loud chants filled the historic Hart Senate office building atrium – where some of the biggest and consequential protests in Washington DC’s history have been held.

More than 300 members of Malaya Movement and their supporters protested inside the Senate building on Monday to shine a spotlight on the rising death toll of President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs, and the shrinking democratic space in the Philippines.

They are calling on U.S. lawmakers to cut the taxpayer-funded U.S. aid to the Philippines if the so-called extrajudicial killings continue.

These protesters believe that a boiling point has reached, after the Philippines lost more islands to China, at the same time lost Filipino jobs to Chinese workers, and that the multiple arrests of Rappler chief Maria Ressa are a big red flag when it comes to press freedom.

Anakbayan USA chairperson Adrian Bonifacio is among those who will continue their lobbying efforts  in Congress to tell lawmakers not to use tax dollars to aid to Philippine police involved in the killings.

Bonifacio says they are also demanding for a senate or house hearing on the human rights situation in the Philippines.

“We want them to know that we are concerned, that the money, the pieces of paper that they are signing have a real impact on real people’s lives…one signature could be the death of one family member in the drug war.”

Malaya Movement members say they are calling on Congress to be more accountable to their Filipino American constituents when it comes to spending their tax dollars on US aid for recipients such as the Philippines.

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  • Mario
    21 April 2019 at 2:32 pm - Reply

    The US base leftist Group focus on anti-Duterte/Government protest. They should have focus themselves on how to improve PH economy. Remember the Dems under Bill Clinton started OUTSOURCING 70K US Corp. leaving US jobless. Those US Corp made China a SUPERPOWER, during Obama regime they were already made $ 4-5 TRILLION profit. To bring back their money to US, they are required to pay 45-48% profit TAX made from foreign land, so they just PARKED their money abroad. When Trump got elected he reduced the foreign Profit TAX to 15%-20%, on one condition, one time deal only, and bring back their manufacturing plant to US. APPLE did,left China with 3.5 Million jobless,only small plant remain. APPLE became the first TRILLION USD CORP.Due to sour US-ChINA trade deal, US Corp are moving to India, Indonesia,Thailand and Vietnam. Where is DUTERTE, busy socializing with the Chinese, and Pinoy US base are trying to stop US AID to PH. We have Free Trade Zone ready to occupy, KABAYAN WAKE-UP…

  • Tiago Delmundo
    24 April 2019 at 2:40 am - Reply

    The Anakbayan USA is comprised of misguided grandsons and grand daughters of the Big Pimping Jose Maria Sison…Anakbayan ‘USA is an extension of the misguided “twigits” from the University of the Philippines and Ateneo de Manila going around your neighborhood spreading lies. If there is any collusion, it would be between Rappler and Anakbayan USA, using exaggerated figures in judicial killings as a result of President Duterte’s drug war. Democracy is exemplified in the Philippines by spreading exaggerated and non-factual information.

    It is really sad to know that Anakbayan USA is misrepresenting Philippines history by using the great hero Andres Bonifacio’s name to comemorate their misguided cause.