Malacañang: Canada to shoulder cost of shipping out its trash from the Philippines

PHILIPPINES — It looks like the tons of garbage that Canada had illegally dumped in the Philippines years ago may finally be on its way out.

And Malacañang Palace says Canada offered to shoulder the expenses.

President Rodrigo Duterte’s spokesperson Salvador Panelo said the matter was discussed during Monday’s cabinet meeting.

Panelo also said the president told the cabinet that Manila will no longer accept garbage shipments from other countries.

“The president gave May 15 as the deadline. If they cannot get that, then we will be shipping them out and throw them to the shores or beach of Canada.”

The new deadline follows Mr. Duterte’s warning.

“He will declare a war with Ottawa. If it does not retrieve over a hundred containers of garbage, sent by a Canadian firm to the Philippines.”

The customs bureau says it is prepared to return the garbage. But Canada has taken up a lot of time arranging the necessary documents.

“The Government of Canada remains committed to working with the Government of the Philippines and has made an offer to repatriate this Canadian waste.”

Canada for its part reiterates it is committed to take back its trash.

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