Major Bay Area storm floods Filipino businesses

South San Francisco, Calif. – It rained and it certainly poured.

Although more rain is expected in the San Francisco area next week, it’s not expected to rival Thursday’s heavy downpour.

The strongest storm to hit the Bay Area in years brought in up to eight inches of rain and more than 70 mile per hour winds which caused flooding in low-lying areas. And some kababayas are clearly affected.

Edna’s Ichiban, a restaurant and comedy bar, was one of the Filipino establishments penetrated by water and mud.

Ramos may have lost earnings because they had to close all day yesterday. They worked round-the-clock to make sure they would be open for the weekend.

Lorna Whigam’s salon was also flooded. It took her almost an entire day to clean up the place. She also lost some earnings, but she still managed to squeeze in a client at night.

She says the Filipino resiliency clearly shines through during tough times.

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