Mail bomber suspect, Cesar Sayoc Jr., is reportedly half Filipino

by TJ Monotac, ABS-CBN News

It’s been three days since the arrest of the suspect behind the pipe bombs intended for Democratic personalities including former U.S. Presidents Clinton and Obama.

Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr. allegedly sent the letter pipe bombs through postal mail, and were intercepted by authorities and the Secret Service.

Shortly, after he was arrested on Friday, the frenzy began as to what ethnicity Cesar Sayoc Jr. belonged to.

Thanks to his strangely worded, but detailed LinkedIn profile, clues were strong that he was of Filipino descent, after a claim that he is a grandson of Baltazar Zook Sayoc, who had a big part of the proliferation of the martial art known as Sayoc Kali.

Several news agencies have come out with reports that have called him out as Filipino.

The cousin shared the family’s shock that Sayoc was being accused of domestic terrorism. The cousin confirmed Sayoc was half Filipino, but he did fall out of favor from the family and he was acting erratic and was told to not come around anymore.

If convicted, Sayoc could be sentenced to a maximum of 48 years. He will eventually be prosecuted in Manhattan but today, Monday, he is set to appear before Judge Edwin Torres in a federal district court in Miami.

He will be represented by Sarah Baumgartel, a public defender assigned to Sayoc.

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