Macy’s partners with Pinay group to promote dressing for success

By Rommel Conclara, ABS-CBN North America Bureau
August 5, 2014
HAYWARD, Calif. – The Filipina Women’s Network (FWN) and Macy’s of Southland Mall in Hayward, Calif. collaborated to put together a power dressing showcase.
Its purpose is to educate women on how to wear clothes that give the best impression.
“We want to be able to project a powerful, credible, and influential image,” said FWN President Marily Mondejar. “So the dressing is not necessarily just clothes and the fashion but it’s really about putting together pieces, like a wardrobe capsule that projects a particular message.”
Mondejar says events like these are important for young Filipina women to appear strong and confident, as they become tomorrow’s leaders. 
“So in the Filipina Women’s Network we want to make sure we prepare them,” said Mondejar. “We ‘fem-tor’ them. We show them the way. We open doors for them because we really do stand on the shoulders of those who came before us but we need to open more doors.” 
Community leaders and personalities, as well as members of the Filipina Women’s Network volunteered as models including Balitang America’s Henni Espinosa and Adobo Nation’s Michi Valeriano.   
Macy’s Southland Mall store manager Barbara Towey said, “my goal at this Macy’s is to be a part of this community and the Filipina, Filipinos are such a part of our community and to be able to reach out to the women’s network is so exciting.”
The success of the event has already prompted Macy’s to consider doing similar events in other Macy stores around the country.
“Macy’s national has been looking at this as a potential pilot program that would then be duplicated to other parts of California and then throughout the country,” said FWN member Dr. Jennifer Ong, OD. “The idea again is Macy’s is very much interested in the Filipino-American community.”
Members of the Filipina Women’s Network say events like these continue to demonstrate how Filipinos are becoming a more recognizable force in society. 
“This event we’ve been looking forward to because it’s really a way to bring together an appreciation for the Filipino community and everything that we have as a growing community,” said Dr. Ong. “Corporations like Macy’s recognizing us as a very valuable part of the community I think that’s pretty important.”
The Filipina Women’s Network will use the momentum from this power dressing event to prepare for their 11th annual Filipina Leadership Global Summit that will be held in October in Manila for the first time in their history.    
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