Low Leaf shares cultural and musical journey on ‘Discovering Routes’

LOS ANGELES — Just like the tattoos on her arms, Low Leaf’s music is a vibrant display of culture and history.

“This is the mark of the 4 ways to be Filipino, it’s 4 inherent energies. This pretty much tells the story of my family in Filipino poetry symbols… the music you create, dissonance, depending how you blend notes you create one or another,” she shared.

“It’s a piece of my world. I try to not describe and let the music speak for itself but I’m really inspired by nature and the idea of sound being ever changing.”

The Los Angeles based Fil-Am musician is now bringing others on her journey, as one of several talents on the soundtrack for the new ABS-CBN adventure series “Discovering Routes.”

The series follows tech entrepreneur Garret Gee on his journey back to the Philippines: a theme that hits close to Low Leaf’s heart and home.

Born and raised in Southern California, Low Leaf discovered her passion for music and her culture at a young age, prompting her to visit several times.

“I’ve done a lot of seeking as far as I could with my ancestral roots visiting back there, traveling to different tribes…I’ve met a lot of key magical people that kind of held pieces of knowledge and wisdom along the way, to help me understand where I stand along all of this. What I’ve extracted from all of that, I too am a living ancestor creating the culture of now what it means to be Filipino,” she said.

“It’s a really cool honor and vibrationally, I feel it really makes sense that parallels the story of my life. I’m always seeking more. I’m always seeking to understand more of where I come from.”


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