Low humidity, resurgent winds forecasted to cause more fires throughout CA

Continuing coverage on one of the deadliest wildfire outbreaks in California history.

Since Sunday, the Golden State has been battling 22 large wildfires, and weather conditions are predicted to only make matters worse.

This is the town of Santa Rosa, the largest city in the wine country region, decimated by the Tubbs Fire, which is only 10% contained as of Thursday.

This aerial shot shows block after block of devastated neighborhoods, reduced to rubble and ashes.

Forecasters say low humidity and wind gusts of up to 45 miles per hour — with no chance of rain — are only going to make it harder for the thousands of firefighters to contain the fires.

In fact, resurgent winds and dry conditions could increase the risk of new hot spots.

State officials say so far, the wildfires have killed at least 26 people and scorched nearly 170,000 acres all over the state.

In Northern California alone, about 3,500 homes and businesses have been destroyed.

Red flag warnings, forecasting dangerous fire conditions have already been issued for much of northern California, including the Bay Area.

“We are still impacted by five years of drought. The significant rain that we had last winter, those effects are gone of that moisture and we are literally looking at explosive vegetation. These fires are burning actively during the day and at night when one would expect the fire to subside. And make no mistake, this is a serious, critical, catastrophic event,” said Chief Ken Pimlott, director of Cal Fire.

BA has spoken to more Pinoy fire victims who continue to seek help. We have also tracked down kababayans who have been going to evacuation centers the last few days to donate and offer their services.
Red flag wildfire warnings in effect in LA County through Saturday

In southern California, red-flag wildfire warnings will be in effect from Thursday evening through Saturday morning in the mountains and valleys of Los Angeles County because of dry weather conditions and strong winds.

Firefighters are expected to increase containment of the 4-day old, 9,000 acre Canyon 2 fire in Anaheim Hills.

Thousands of people who evacuated after the blaze broke out monday have returned home and schools have reopened.

These are shots of smoke and flames turning the skies above Anaheim’s Disneyland yellow. Despite surrounding neighborhoods being scorched, the so-called happiest place on earth remains open for business.

Despite surrounding neighborhoods being scorched, the so-called “Happiest Place on Earth” remains open for business.

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