Loved ones call for life sentences in Aquitania double murder

By Balitang America Staff, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

March 21, 2014

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – The guilty verdict handed down by a jury this week in the 2007 shooting deaths of Fil-Am Sean Aquitania and his infant son could be appealed.

Chris Strong and Donald Ortez-Lucero were found guilty on Tuesday for shooting and killing Sean Aquitania and his seven-month-old son Sean Junior at point blank range in Sacramento in 2007.

But Charles Bourdon, defense attorney for Ortez-Lucero, told reporters that the jury made the wrong decision, and that he plans to appeal the verdict.

Originally, a third man named Richard Noguera was suspected in the murder.

Noguera reportedly bragged to several people that he was the killer before being arrested.

But charges against Noguera were later dropped in exchange for his testimony against Strong and Ortez-Lucero.

Strong and Ortez-Lucero will face sentencing on May 9.

Defense Attorney Charles Bourdon could not be reached for comment on the possible appeal.

Aquitania’s girlfriend and mother of baby Sean Jr., Monique Dela Cruz, says she hopes Strong and Ortez-Lucero will be handed life sentences without parole.

“When you think of it, they took the lives of a father who was a young man and his son who was seven months-old,” Dela Cruz told Balitang America in a telephone interview. “They lost their lives. I feel it’s only right for both Lucero and Strong to both spend their life in jail to think about what they’ve done and the damage and hurt they’ve caused.”

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