“Lost & Found:” How these Montana families are making Philippine orphans feel at home

This weekend, BA premiered its latest documentary “Lost and Found”: a close look at Philippine orphans making their way into America’s Rocky Mountain region.

Craig and Jan Druckenmiller may live in snowy Montana, but for the past twenty years, they’ve made the $7,000 trip to Sampaloc Rizal several times a year.

Each time, they bring the plight of orphans with them globally.

“Each child will have several supporters. Supporters are in the US the UK and in Australia. The support comes from all around the world,” says Druckenmiller.

As co-founders of Bozeman Montana Based Sacred Portion Children’s Outreach, the Hague accredited adoption agency likes to get hands-on with some of the orphans that they help.

Making improvements each visit, making sure the facilities offer comfort to the products of broken homes.

“Make it a pleasant learning environment the wooden structures…local carpenters in Sampaloc. We try to help the local people’s by giving them employment and using their skill that they have. Everything is built with both the children and the staff in mind.”

Their ultimate goal is to keep children out by improving the world beyond these compound walls.

“Yun Ang goal namin. Na lahat Ng bata lumaki sa isang pag mahal …either biological or adoptive family. So all the children here are temporary. So we are trying our best to give them a sense of belongingness,” says Fe Phillips, Administrator, Rehoboth Sampaloc Ministries.

“We have many buildings that are still to be constructed we would like to focus next on vocational training for people in the community,” adds Druckenmiller. “One of the keys to keeping their children with them instead of finding them in a place like this is to help them stay employed and stay successful in their own families.”

This visit is extra special. Sacred Portion is celebrating Rehoboth’s 15th year on this trip.

15-years-of success is seen, with children like Ryder Reddig and Nikki Van Dyken adopted from Rehoboth, who are now living in the Rocky Mountains.

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