Los Angeles politicians, community rallies ahead of House impeachment vote against Trump

LOS ANGELES — Thousands gathered at the heart of Los Angeles, where the words “Impeach the Predatory President” was projected at the front walls of LA’s City Hall.

The mood was peaceful, but defiant — as sporadic chants of “impeach Trump” echoed through the crowd.

It was a star-studded event as well — with former Democratic Congresswoman Katie Hill, who resigned earlier this year over allegations of an affair with her campaign and congressional staff lead the string of speakers, followed by Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano — who slammed Trump with her loud and profanity-laden speech.

Los Angeles politicians, including council members of city districts, came and showed their full support of the President’s impending impeachment.

Although the chants of impeachment and removal from office was at the forefront, many of the protesters said what they are fighting for is beyond Donald Trump, it is their fight to uphold the constitution and their commitment to defend democracy.

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