Los Angeles officials roll out program to lure back travelers amid pandemic

In recent weeks, Los Angeles has been reopening various business establishments, from bars, to gyms, to nail salons — hoping customers will come back and avail of their services.

Los Angeles also announced new procedures for travelers making their way through LAX international airport, including the terminal wellness program.

“Our ability to spot folks that are exhibiting COVID symptoms as we saw at the beginning of the pandemic is so critical to slowing its spread to ensure that people can travel safely, and to ensure that as borders reopen, whether they’re traveling in the U.S. or from and to the U.S., that we can do our part to bend the curve down,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Travelers coming in and out of several terminals will be greeted with the voluntary terminal wellness program, which will use thermal video technology to spot passengers with high temperatures.

Those passengers found to have possible COVID-19 symptoms will then be re-examined by medical staff.

“This is a voluntary program with signage alerting passengers where the program will take place, and it will initially be at two locations, here at Tom Bradley International, at the main entrance of the departure levels, as well as at the arrival areas, to be clear these thermal camera temperature checks will not replace other safety measures,” said Garcetti.

“The goal of this program is two-fold, to survey the best technology to use for temperature checks at major hub airports like ours, and to create processes and protocols that can be recreated and repeated in other terminals here in the united states and across the globe,” said Justin Erbacci, CEO of LA World Airports.

Airport officials believe this program can actually help jumpstart the los angeles economy as more businesses reopen, despite an increase in coronavirus cases.

Los Angeles County has reported about 80,000 COVID-19 cases and more than 3,000 deaths.

“Passenger traffic at lax has fallen to historic lows during this pandemic with the number of guests in April lower than any other month since John F. Kennedy was president. Thankfully guests are slowly returning to air travel. As our guests return we know it’s incumbent upon us to make the public comfortable with the idea of traveling once again. To help boost passenger traffic numbers and to help rev up the economic engine that is southern California,” said Sean Burton, president of the airport commission.

These new procedures came as Philippine Airlines, the Philippines’ flagship carrier, has slowly begun resuming limited North American flights this month.

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