Los Angeles Filipinos come out to vote amid low CA turnout

By Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Nov. 4, 2014

LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles County is home to about half a million Asian American voters, the largest in the state. They began trickling in to cast their ballots early this morning.

The latest Field Pole predicts that only 46 percent of registered voters will turn out in California, but Filipino Kit Mata has made sure his voice has mattered at the ballot box for over twenty years now.

“As a US citizen it’s our obligation to vote, for our community while we are here in America,” he explained.

Today, voters get to choose their local and state officials, and federal representatives. They also get to decide on various California propositions which tackle drought, budget issues, health care, medical malpractice, and ratifying Indian gaming casino compacts.

“The casinos, the Indian gaming it’s very big issues, and the drought — we have a few drops of rain this month so it’s very important,” said Fender Santos, the vice president of Filipino American Community of LA.

At least three Filipinos Americans are on ballots in Southern California:

– Edith Fuentes is seeking a city council seat in Glendale

– Lorri Galloway is running for mayor of Anaheim

– Armin Reyes is a candidate for the ABC Unified school district board located in LA’s South Bay Area

Out of the nearly five million registered LA County voters, only about 400 thousand mailed their absentee ballots by Monday night, less than a third of permanent absentee voters.

You can contact Steve Angeles at steve_angeles@abs-cbn.com for more information.

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