Los Angeles to eagerly host 2028 Olympics

LOS ANGELES — “I am here to announce the Olympic games are coming back to the United States of America,” said LA Mayor Eric Garcetti.

The countdown to 2028 is on. Los Angeles announced that it has reached a deal with the International Olympic Committee to host the 2028 Summer Games, while Paris, France gets the 2024 Games.

Los Angeles last hosted the Summer Games in 1984.

“Here in Los Angeles, the Olympic flame burns bright. In fact, it has never gone out,” said Garcetti.

Part of the plans include avoiding the use of tax dollars, and creating long term programs after the 17-day competition wraps up.

There will be no need to build new facilities, with LA as one of the country’s top sports capitals, with many existing venues to come into play.

Garcetti adds that by 2028, LA’s notorious traffic problems will also be improved by the ongoing infrastructure projects.

“This is a model where we’re fitting the city to the Olympics. We’re not building things for the Olympics and hoping our people will benefit. We’re building things for our people who will benefit, and we know that the Olympics will take advantage of those.”

Just down the street from the press conference, Filipinos at iDance are more than Olympic fans. They’re the support group of Filipino Winter Olympian Michael Martinez.

“I’m so excited,” said Nonie Belarmino. “Finally Olympics is back in LA, and oh my god I can’t wait to see all the events.”

“I’m excited, it’s going to help LA economically,” said Malou Francisco.

While this can be an exciting time for sports fans and athletes, there is also some resistance. A grassroots group known as No-Lympics LA has opposed the games coming to Southern California, saying that it would be a burden to the local economy, and distracts from other issues.

They are calling on city council members to vote no on this bid when it examines the bid over the next few days.

The Olympic deal will be ratified next month in Lima, Peru.

In the past months, as the Olympic talk grows louder, many Southern California Fil-Am sports prodigies we’ve spoken to said their dream is to be in their athletic prime, for when those games do come to their hometown. Now with a definite date, these hard-working athletes have said they’re now more motivated than ever.

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