Los Angeles Consulate uses feeding machines, hoping more Filipino voters mail in ballots for May midterms

LOS ANGELES — As the overseas absentee ballots are trickling in, the country’s largest Philippine consular district is keeping tabs.

The LA Philippine Consulate has begun feeding the ballot returns for the midterm elections.

“Hindi katulad Dati ang tao personal pumapunta dito so pinapadala dating ang ballot by mail mag natanggap nila yung balota by mail pewde nila imail pag balik sa amin busta susundoin pila kung instructions, na an dun din sa envelope may instructions run sa social media namin sa Facebook at Philippine consul general website namin, and dun sa social media namin sa Facebook na lagay namin instructions so kailangan i-mail pagbalik or hand deliver dito during office hours tapas every Monday at tsaka Thursday finafeed yung ibang committe naman sa machine,” said Ambrosio Brian Enciso, Deputy Consul General.

About 53,000 registered voters are under the Los Angeles consular district — which covers Southern California, southern Nevada, and Arizona.

Historically, about 10 percent of overseas voters cast their ballots, but the 2016 presidential election saw a 30 percent turnout.

The consulate hopes that the vote by mail system can encourage more participation this year.

“They won’t come out the ballots will come to them, so hopefully when they receive their ballots gawin nila don’t delay diba when you receive your ballots ipadala nyo agada bomoto mo I-mail mo mag balk sa Amin para umabot kasi simpere meron konti delay so very efficient yung postal system dito sa estates Unidos.”

Voters are all expected to receive their ballots within the next two weeks. Thethe Official Ballot Envelope will have a paper seal that the voter will use to seal the envelope. However, stamps and postage to send the ballot back will be shouldered by the voter.

“The Philippine consul general in cooperation with the complex will ensure that the ballots are all set kung registered voter sila, matatangap sila kung wala sila na tang gap sa mail its either Baka may problems sa address, or Baka naman inactive voter na sila.”

The tallies will begin when voting period ends on May 12th local time.

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