Los Angeles chefs fuse Filipino cuisine, health, and cannabis

LOS ANGELES — This is not a typical Arts District pop up dinner. 

Before you grab your utensils and dig into this gourmet cooking, diners need to do their own “baking.”

Chef Rudy Santa Ana has become one of the most popular figures in the Southern California cannabis community.

 His vendor highlights event is a joint experience with food and cannibis companies.

And as a proud Pinoy, Santa Ana is working on a Filipino food event in the coming months — a chance to infuse Pinoy culture with their brand of medicine.

For Filipinos in the cannibis community, it’s not just about getting high, but more so, getting healthy.

As the legalized marijuana industry in California continues to boom, Filipinos are continuing to blaze their own trails.


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  • Tiago Delmundo
    22 April 2019 at 2:05 am - Reply

    According to Connie Marie Arconado-Duque (resident in Los Angeles), just by judging on the looks of Santa Ana, you cannot be be mistaken that he is a ciga-weed user. It is a sad thing that media would promote such a habit of using cannabis or branding it as being healthy? How is that healthy, after using it you are walking or driving around high?

    In San Francisco, Sacramento or Las Vegas, everywhere you go in these cities, the smell is so foul you do not want to go back there anymore, says Nonita Valenciano, a nurse in Salinas.