Lorli Villanueva shares account of the Marcoses in her book, “Dancing with the Dictator”

NEW YORK — “I met a man, a dictator, but a human being.” That’s New York educator and actress Lorli Villanueva, known to many for her TV soap commercial “Maxima Labandera.”

The multi-genre character actress has appeared in movies and TV dramas in the Philippines in the 80’s. But what was not quite known about Lorli was the 5 days she was forced to spend with a Philippine dictator, during martial law.

“My family was incarcerated, we all went through a lot,” she shared. “I was kidnapped, and for some strange reason I came out of it well, good and beautiful today.”

In her new book about Ferdinand Marcos, “Dancing with the Dictator,” Villanueva details how after declining invitations to Malacanang for dinner a number of times, she was “taken” by a Marcos general against her will.

From a TV set to a presidential yacht, Villanueva says she was abducted by General Fabian Ver under the order of Marcos, so that a friend of the dictator could meet her in person.

The friend was a scientist named Max Goldberger, who was building the Bataan nuclear power plant.

In order to persuade Villanueva to fall for Goldberger, she said Marcos offered her a lot of incredible things.

“He offered me to go around the world with the first lady and be part of her entourage, to go shopping, no! He offered me an island…. I was thinking to myself who in the world gives away islands, but this is martial law. I could have had anything I wanted with his friendship, but I said no to all of that.”

An activist at heart, she may have accepted the friendship and spent 5 days of her life with him and Goldberger, but Villanueva says she did not and will never condone the crimes committed by the Marcoses during martial law.

“There’s a human being inside that’s why I said we live in a world of contradictions,” she said.
I do not condone martial law, I do not condone anything that he has done, that are wrong for humanity. That’s why there’s a tug-of-war inside me all the time…”

Villanueva believes that Filipinos today should learn from the injustices of martial law in the 70’s.

“The problem with us Filipinos; we forget so easily what we go through…. we don’t remember how it has harmed us in the past, you know.”

After she was released from her 5 days of dancing with the dictator – it wasn’t the end of her story. She says former first lady Imelda Marcos had her shadowed for a month.

“Thinking I was the other woman, so there were rumors going on, Lorli Villanueva is the other woman of the president… maybe if he did try me, I would have said yes.”

What happened next and details of her 5 days spent with the dictator will be answered by her new book, “Dancing with the Dictator,” which will be available on Amazon soon.

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    31 October 2017 at 10:47 pm - Reply

    It sounds somewhat funny when writers out there thinks highly of themselves that there is some precision in the way they write their stories. About martial law? I wonder why it would take several decades to write about martial law? You know Maria who lives next door was kidnapped by General Fabian Ver because president Marcos told him to do so… In comparison, the yellow cult blamed Marcos for the death of Ninoy Aquino. Hell, even the yellow cult themselves realized that Marcos was smarter than that? He is not dumb to order kidnapping where he knew better he will get blamed for it.

    There are some many desperate writers out there coming out of their own closet with their own well engineered stories about President Marcos. Yes, attacking the old broken record stories on martial law. If you want to attack martial so bad, then include Juan Ponce Enrile, Fidel Ramos, Jose Maria Sison, Nur Misuari, CPP-NPA, MNLF, etc…