Lori Lightfoot elected Chicago’s first female, black, gay mayor

CHICAGO — “We can and we will build trust between our people and our brave police officers so that the communities and police trust each other, not fear each other,” says Chicago’s mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot.

56-year-old Lori Lightfoot made history in Chicago this week, winning the post as the city’s first African-American female mayor.

Lightfoot, born and raised in Ohio, won by a landslide, getting 74% of the vote, beating opponent Toni Preckwinkle.

Although Lightfoot has never held elective office, she has received appointments from Mayors Rahm Emanuel and Richard Daley. She was the President of the Chicago Police board, and headed the police department’s Office of Professional Standards and the city’s Police Accountability Task Force.

Rica Guerrero, a Lightfoot supporter, says she has never looked forward to a mayoral election until this year. 

“I was really happy with the results. I voted for Lori Lightfoot because her experience with the police department, she is the best candidate who can help us with Chicago’s safety issues. Her fund of knowledge and experience in the political arena is what Chicago exactly needs to be more progressive.” 

Lightfoot, also becomes Chicago’s first openly gay mayor.

She gained more supporters throughout the campaign as she positioned herself as the outsider that Chicago needs to save the city, by focusing on its major issues such as economic inequality, persistent gun violence, unfunded pension obligations, and political corruption.  

Ryan Viloria says police brutality runs deep in Chicago and must be addressed. 

“I find her support of police and police brutality to be very concerning especially Chicago Police Department has been very violent to queer and trans community, communities of color and immigrant communities as well.” 

Lightfoot succeeds Rahm Emanuel, who announced earlier that he would not seek a third term in office. 

She will be sworn in as Chicago’s 56th mayor on May 20th. 


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