Lone wolf terror attack during football game in Edmonton, Canada

Kababayans in Edmonton, Canada were shocked to learn about separate incidents on Saturday, which the Royal Canadian Mounted Police declared a terror attack.
The first attack occurred close to the Commonwealth Stadium where hundreds of people were watching a football game. It was also a military appreciation night.

A police officer identified as Constable Mike Chernyk, was handling crowd control and security when a speeding white Chevy Malibu rammed through a barrier and hit the police officer’s car sending him flying five meters through the air.

Hardeep Singh, an employee of Crown Liquor, recalled what he saw that night.

“Actually, I was working inside the store when a girl came inside and said somebody has a knife. I heard something outside. The cop was on the floor, the guy was on top then he stabbed the cop. And then one girl said, go inside and lock the door. I started watching the camera the guy held a knife on the cop and then he ran away…. I saw many cops this morning. I’ve never seen something like this before.”

Police conducted a city-wide manhunt, and before midnight a police officer stopped a U-haul truck driven by the same suspect.

The driver sped away, hitting and injuring four people.

“I’m really shocked and surprised that terrorism has reached Edmonton. My dear fellow kababayans, let’s be aware of our environment and be vigilant of the people around us and surrounding us,” said Isabelita Wheeler. “We have to report immediately what we see.

RCMP identified the suspect as a 30-yr-old Somali refugee, who has been on the radar of the authorities since 2015, but did not pose a threat at that time.

Police confirmed that upon his arrest an Islamic state flag was found on his vehicle.

Edmonton police said the suspect appears to have acted alone.
He will be facing a number of charges, including five counts of attempted murder, dangerous driving and participation in a terrorist activity. The police officer and the four people survived the attacks.

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