Local group raises money to help defray cost of VP Robredo election recount

DALY CITY, CA — Cups, candles, and retro electronics all were on sale at the Pilipino Bayanihan resource center in Daly City this past weekend.

The goal is to raise money to help Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo defray the cost of the election recount, in which her opponent Bong Bong Marcos continues to question the result.

The organizers of the event — the US Pinoys for Good Governance — says that Marcos can easily afford the cost due to the millions of dollars the family has historically stolen from the Filipino people.

Compared to Robredo, who is only relying on her salary and the help of her supporters.

“Leni bought her stuff for her daughter at Harvard from garage sales and she was attacked by the Duterte trolls as a “basura,” so we have some basura for sale,” said Rodel Rodis. “And that’s the ironic way, if that’s the way they’re attacking her then that’s the way we’re going to raise the funds for her.”

Despite the efforts, these Pinoys say they’re not too confident about Robredo’s odds of retaining her position.

“They have enough members of the philippine supreme court now who are in the Marcos-Duterte camp they will be able to overturn the results of the election.”

The group says the continued attack on Robredo by the Duterte administration, is another example of Malacanang’s effort to undermine the Filipino people.

They also cite how the drug war continues to claim lives but fails to go after those responsible for bringing drugs into the country.

“What it is really about is changing who the drug kingpins are from people who were just petty criminals to people who are really supported by the Duterte government, including his son,” said Susan Araneta.

These Pinoys — who are veterans of the EDSA revolution — say today’s Filipinos must once again be ready to fight.

“They should not remain silent while all evil is going on around them. They should speak out,” said Ted Laguatan. “They should die if they have to for what is right and what is good.”

According to organizers, the event raised $1700.

Next, these Filipinos will join others in holding demonstrations at Philippine consulates around the world on September 21st, in remembrance of the 45th anniversary of the declaration of martial law in the Philippines — that it may never been used again.

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