Local Filipino hopes to unseat Republican incumbent mayor of Bergenfield, New Jersey

BERGENFIELD, NJ — It was a busy campaign weekend for hundreds of local candidates across the country, including here in Bergenfield, New Jersey.

Local election day is today — Tuesday, November 5th.

“With God willing we’re gonna win, we’re gonna win big, this will be a landslide, it’s gonna be a history in the making and hopefully Arvin Amatorio will be the second Filipino American mayor in Bergenfield to be elected,” said Councilman Bobby Deauna.

Councilman Deauna is running for re-election is on the same ticket as another councilman Arvin Amatorio.

Amatorio, a Democrat, is hoping to unseat Bergenfield Mayor Norman Schmelz, a Republican.

“Although you see a big support here, we’re always run like we’re losing. But not only that, we’re not just counting on the votes, we are educating the public that they have to express themselves, that they have to participate in this democratic process.”

Amatorio said his campaign volunteers registered over 400 voters — a major feat for a relatively small town.

Just south of Bergenfield, in South Orange, over two dozen Fil-Am college students volunteered to make calls to remind New Jersey-ans to head to the polls on Tuesday and vote on election day.

“I think that for a lot of our members, they want to volunteer for something like this, to get more involved in not just the club but in the community as a whole.”

The Filipino League at Seton Hall collaborated with APIAvote and the Philippine American Friendship Committee to host the phone banking last week.

APIAvote’s Eric Salcedo said there has been a sense of enthusiasm among Asian American voters in the past few years.

“I think campaigns realize that if they want to make sure they leave no vote unturned, that they’re going to reach all segments in each of those states with diverse communities.”

“For me, it’s just realizing that I have the power to change the future and so is everyone eligible to vote, no matter who you are.”

And that is the exact sentiment local candidates are hoping they’ve encouraged so voters would come out on Tuesday on Election Day, hopefully in their favor.

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