LizQuen appearance, movie highlight Kapamilya Fun Day in SF Bay Area

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – The new and exciting love team of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil was on hand to greet the hundreds of fans who attended The Filipino Channel’s Kapamilya Fun Day at Great America amusement park in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Fans of LizQuen were also treated to the very first international screening of Star Cinema’s “Just The Way You Are” that starred the two.

Liza and Enrique said they were touched by the warm reception by their fans in the U.S. and are motivated to make more movies.

“I know that the fans, especially LizQuen fans are really supportive and no matter what they got our backs,” said Soberano.

“It’s more than what we expected on our first day,” said Gil. “So that’s a good start. It just goes to show that LizQuen is here. We’ve arrived and this is just the start.”

While fans get to meet and see the new LizQuen movie, they also got a chance to experience other TFC activities.

Some fans were featured in an Adobo Nation segment with hosts Michi Valeriano and Tet Hernandez.

Others participated in the Balitang America “Be A Reporter for a Day Contest” where contestants received tips from anchor Gel Santos Relos and North America Bureau Chief Paul Henson.

15-year-old Katrina Orizonte of San Jose, CA was the winner of the competition.

And of course, all the rides and attractions were available for all Kapamilya fans.

As great it was a day for the many fans in attendance Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil said it was just as special for them.

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