Liter of Light promotes solar energy efficiency and hope to the Philippines

ARLETA, CA — Let there be light. These seniors are lighting up with smiles and a creative spark, as they learn how to put together these solar lamps.


The lamps are made of cost-efficient and recycled materials.

Helping Hands Adult Day Care center is one of several US stops for Philippines based non-profit Liter of Light.

“We want to show the world that we have actually come up with a movement that’s teaching more than a million people how to create their own solar livelihood, using old kerosene lamps using plastic bottles, using PVC pipes to light up the world,” says Illac Diaz.

Making its rounds in an electric 1957 Volkswagen bus, Liter of Light is counting down to the United Nations Day of Light in May 2018, by promoting a do-it-yourself approach to cost and energy efficiency.


“If we can teach anybody how this technology, whether somebody from 91 years old to 12 years old, that means everybody in the world should be able to be taught,” says Diaz.

Diaz says it can also help local economies.

“They have a little bit of money if they convert old kerosene lamps to solar, that’s one business model. The second business model, is they have 10 or 20 and they start renting them out and when they start earning money, let’s say we’ll give $1 a week to be able to rent it out and charge it again, so people instead of having to spend $3 of kerosene now they can do it for the next 5 years as a rental.”

The lamps built here in the US will be sent to a Philippine region that’s slowly recovering during a dark time.

“Public lighting systems, especially when they’re going to and from the food centers in need of rebuilding, the very rich city, the business city of the south Marawi has been destroyed. So Light is hope.”

Diaz along with his documentary crew will carry that hope with them, as make their way to the East Coast next month.


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