LGBTQ Supreme Court victory praised by Hollywood stars supporting equal rights for all

It may come as a surprise to some — before June 15, 2020, in 28 states in America according to an Associated Press study, employers can fire anyone just for being gay or transgender.

But a historic ruling by the Supreme Court on Monday morning has finally ended that practice, with a majority opinion that said that an employer who fires an individual merely for being gay or transgender violates the law.

Social media erupted with celebratory posts illustrating how a basic human right, like not being fired based on sexual orientation, is still a battle that many Americans constantly have to face.

Their good news comes after a weekend of rallies in the U.S., attended by tens of thousands of peaceful protesters marching to support both gay Pride and Black Lives Matter.

June is designated as pride month, a traditional cause of many LGBTQ celebrations around the country.

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    16 June 2020 at 1:43 pm - Reply

    Justice ROBERT and Justice GORSUCH both Conservative voted 5-4 in favor of LGBT, they can not be fired from work due to sexual orientation. SUPREME COURT refuses to hear a challenge to QUALIFIED IMMUNITY doctrine, means it shield/protect POLICE from Lawsuit. TRUMP signed Executive Order on Police reform, which gives more training, Chokehold is forbidden, more Police equipment and recruitment, and NO changes on QUALIFIED IMMUNITY. This what I was telling everybody, Jus Gorsuch is 52 yrs old will retire at 85 yr, SC will remain conservative for the next 35 years. Police are protected on QUALIFIED IMMUNITY for the next 35 yrs. Jus GINSBURG a LIBERAL, 87 yrs old, once she retires SC will be 6-3 Conservative majority, meaning 60-70 yrs SC Conservative. Democrat-liberal leftists demanded the abolition of QUALIFIED Immunity on Police Force, sorry folk end of your dream. 1M sign-up on TRUMP OKLAHOMA campaign rally, 25% are Democrat, only 10K can get in, move on Saturday. Democrat are getting CRAZY.