Levy Abad campaigns for immigrant votes in Winnipeg

By Rhia Alcantara, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

WINNIPEG, CANADA – With Canada’s Federal Election just around the corner, candidates are now on the final stretch of one of the longest election campaigns in history.  Filipino immigrant and human rights activist, Levy Abad knows this, as one of the new candidates hoping to win in the Winnipeg North Riding.

Abad’s platform revolves around a lot of present issues, especially immigration.  He explained, “I’m a migrant activist and aside from the other issues in the Filipino community, we have a lot of problems in the area of immigration. The processing fee for citizenship was just $200 and not it has to $630; it’s miserable. We are going to address family reunification, the backlog. My focus is to help address the issues of poverty, marginalization, missing and murdered indigenous women and girls, increase the minimum wage, EI changes, the cutbacks on health care… so all these things affect the people in Winnipeg North.”

Abad is grateful for the support of his volunteers – from distributing campaign materials on mailboxes to knocking on doors and doing calls.  Similarly, the many challenges of a campaign could be key in engaging people and gaining community support.

Pablo Herrera, an Abad supporter said he was convinced by the qualities he saw in Abad. He related, “I met Levy for about a year and a half ago. I saw his commitment, his principle for what he has done.”

Another supporter, Elaine Yumang, added that she hopes candidates will give back to the people more.  She said, “I just hope that whoever is running and all the candidates provide for our community and for the well-being of everybody in the community.”

Abad is running against four other aspiring candidates for the position in the Winnipeg North – Federal Riding including, Kevin Lamoureux, the incumbent from the Liberal Party, Harpreet Turka of the Conservative Party, John Redekopp of the Green Party and Frank Komarniski of the Communist Party.

As Abad’s campaign reaches the homestretch of his first attempt in federal politics, the Pinoy candidate is revving up his campaign as he participates in many events in the days leading to Election.


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  • nel
    23 September 2015 at 1:35 pm - Reply

    A lot of activists are selfish and only knows 1 side of the coin (just generalizing) I am a fellow filipino, and am not rooting for him. I see hidden agendas already.