‘Let’s Cook with Nora’ 1960s cookbook gets an update with modern take on traditional Philippine recipes

SAN FRANCISCO — This is Menudong Goto: tender pork loin and softened tripe, combined in a simple Spanish-inspired dish of pimientos, chickpeas, potatoes and tomato sauce.

These are deep-fried brown sugar tikoy sticks and ube jam lumpia.

These are just some of Nina Daza Puyat’s unique reinterpretation of the dishes originally introduced by her mother, Nora Daza, a revered Philippine celebrity chef and author.

These different takes on traditional Filipino dishes are included in the updated version of her mom’s cookbook, “Let’s Cook With Nora.”

Daza Puyat modernized the critically acclaimed cookbook from the 1960s, by updating and tasting all 260 recipes.

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