SF Pinay’s death by tour bus sparks anti-distracted driving law

SAN FRANCISCO – New legislation has been drafted in San Francisco that will prohibit tour bus drivers from simultaneously acting as tour guides.

This was in response to community protests that stemmed from a fatal accident late last year.

Filipino American Priscilla Moreto, 68, was ran over by a tour bus as she walked in a crosswalk in front of City Hall.

Members of the National Federation of Filipino American Association (NaFFAA) staged a rally in front of City Hall and called on the Board of Supervisors to impose legislation to prevent future accidents.

“They know that this is something that needs to be done,” said NaFFAA San Francisco Chair Rudy Asercion.

Upon hearing the news of Precy Moreto, Asercion appealed to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for change in pedestrian safety.

“We know that speed and distracted drivers are two of the most dangerous, main reasons why pedestrians are getting hit and killed,” said Asercion. “For us to be advocating for an effective war on pedestrian safety we need to make sure we need to advocate against distracted drivers.”

Coming off the “Vision Zero” campaign that focuses on new pedestrian safety efforts, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee also supports Asercion’s cause.

“We’ll get down to a conversation with the board hopefully to pass something the tour bus drivers have to commit to,” said San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee.

With the support of the mayor and the faith he has in the Board of Supervisors, Asercion says that NaFFA is looking for regulations beyond San Francisco.

“Now we’re going forward to the California Public Utilities Commission and the legislators in the state assembly to make sure they do the same thing so it will be done through the entire state of California,” said Asercion.

An online petition has also been started requesting that the California Public Utilities Commission prohibits narration by tour bus drivers in California to reduce distracted driving.

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