League of Cities tries to empower next batch of API officials

LOS ANGELES — With midterm elections coming up, many Asian American candidates are trying to jump into the races. Both current and aspiring officials from across party lines are coming together for community empowerment.


Democrat, Republican, or even independent, the League of Cities is about Asian empowerment when it comes to civic engagement.

The league’s Asian Pacific Island Caucus held a gala for Asian American community leaders, as well as current and aspiring politicians.

“It’s very important that they get trained right and they know what they’re doing, and a lot of our graduates from our program are running for office, have been elected to office,” says Floyd Mori, from the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional studies.
While many Filipino American politicians, like Sierra Madre Mayor Rachelle Arizmendi, and Culver City Councilman Thomas Small are part of this movement for the youth, they’re trying to find ways to empower their community.
“I’m interested in becoming a teacher,” said Katrina Alvarado, Center for Asian Americans United for self empowerment. “I’m looking to close the education gap for Filipino Americans in higher education, and I want to go back to my community in San Diego, and I want to teach high schoolers to be proud of their culture and in turn become confident to become leaders.”
Leaders say that during this heated, tumultuous political climate, now is the time for non-traditional politicians, including grassroots organizations to get active.

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