Lead actress in NYC ‘The Sandalwood Box’ play credits Philippine training

NEW YORK — Dorothea Gloria came to New York from Manila with only one goal in mind: to make it big on Broadway.

And in just a few months, she managed to bag the lead role of Marsha gates in the off-off Broadway play – The Sandalwood Box, staged at The Flea Theater in TriBeCa.

Off-off Broadway is any theater that has less than 99 seats in the Big Apple’s theater district.

Gloria’s character is a mute student who gets lost in south Brooklyn, encounters a strange mysterious professor that collects world catastrophes, and stores them in a sandalwood box.

And that’s where the play transitions from a normal — to a dream-like world described as haunting, perplexing, weird and beautiful.

“When I read the script, I was like, Ang hirap naman neto hindi ko maintindihan, because it’s about metaphysics, existential crisis, and very allegorical…meron siyang deeper meaning na kailangan talagang pagisipan.

The Sandalwood Box is a one-act play by Mac Wellman — a three-time Obie award-winning playwright and poet, and one of The Flea Theater’s original co-founders.

It is showing at The Flea until November 1st.

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