Lawyers shed light on Fil-Am mail bomber Cesar Sayoc’s dark past, ahead of sentencing

NEW YORK — Just days before “MAGA mail bomber” Cesar Sayoc’s sentencing in New York, new court filings reveal the Trump supporter’s dark past.

Sayoc was arrested after sending out pipe bombs wrapped in manila envelopes to the president’s rivals and critics including Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama, and even CNN.

A sentencing memo penned by Sayoc’s lawyers — stated that a series of traumatic events pushed Sayoc to commit his crimes.

The filings revealed that as a boy, Sayoc was abandoned by his father, and was sexually abused by his Catholic school teacher.

As a man, he reportedly became dependent on drugs, was abandoned by his family and lost his possessions during the economic crisis in 2007.

His lawyers pointed out that the 57-year-old has no prior history of violence against anyone.

The memo also noted that Sayoc was born in Brooklyn in 1962.

Also, “his father was one of nine brothers born and raised in the Philippines by a prominent military figure and plastic surgeon, Burgos Topacio Sayoc and his wife Severina. His mother is an Italian-American named Madeleine.

The lawyers painted Sayoc as a Trump superfan whose mental illness allowed him to believe in an “alternative reality” peddled by Trump as well as hours and hours of watching Fox News.

The filings also revealed that by 2018, Sayoc was homeless and lived in a van by 2018, that he became more isolated and more dependent on steroid abuse — which increased his feelings of anxiety and paranoia — and that he came to believe that prominent democrats were after him.

He would eventually create and mail 16 improvised hoax devices to “scare” Trump’s perceived enemies.

Last March, he pleaded guilty in a New York federal court to 65 counts of sending the devices and spreading terror in the weeks ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

The defense is hoping Sayoc will only be sentenced to just ten years in prison.

But federal prosecutors, in their own sentencing memo, said Sayoc should spend the rest of his life in jail.

Sentencing is scheduled on Aug. 5.

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