Lava flows into water, adding new safety concerns in Hawaii

HAWAII — This lava flowing into the sea is creating new threats to residents here on the Big Island. Adding to several hazards already endangering everyone here.

Warnings from officials began on Saturday, telling everyone to beware of caustic plumes of laze.

Laze is a mix of hydrochloric acid flumes, steam and fine volcanic glass specks created when erupting lava reacts with seawater.

Officials also warned that toxic sulfur dioxide gas level has tripled. If the winds change towards inland, they say, more people on the island would be exposed to these hazards.

Coralie Matayoshi of the American Red Cross in Hawaii has been updating BA on their efforts helping evacuees.

Early this morning, another explosive eruption occurred, according to officials. The danger from they say is ash fallout. They warn residents to close their doors and windows.

Meanwhile, a community information meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday night.

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