LA, SD school districts close campuses, citing concerns over rapid spread of coronavirus

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Unified School District, the nation’s second-largest school district—has announced closure for two weeks beginning Monday in hopes of slowing down the coronavirus pandemic.

In an unprecedented joint effort—LAUSD and the San Diego Unified School District, unanimously approved their closures impacting over 750,000 students.

40 school campuses in LAUSD will reopen next week as a resource center to provide critical information, and provide meals to lower-income students who depend on school meals daily.

The school leaders also promised that all district teachers and staff will continue to be paid their salaries during the closure.

So far, over 10,000 schools across America have been closed — in California, Oregon, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Virginia, Washington DC and Washington.

Many study abroad programs, especially in China, Italy, South Korea and Iran have also been canceled.

The students are also being asked to refrain from unnecessary spring break travel—especially internationally—despite the deep airfare discounts.

Many major universities, like UCLA, communicate updates and leadership decisions to thousands of the students and faculty via community forums—live-streamed online, social media—and their internal tv broadcast— foreshadowing how the majority of students will study for weeks or months to come.

Apart from the widespread health ramifications COVID-19 might bring to many campus across the country, UCLA officials say they are also on the lookout for possible xenophobia, and attacks to Asian Americans.

They’re saying that if you see something, say something—report to local officials on campus, or the police.

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