Latest on the UPS shooting incident in San Francisco

ABS-CBN News has spoken to a Filipino employee at the UPS facility in San Francisco, CA — where Jimmy Lam, also a UPS employee, opened fire Wednesday morning at the third floor of the facility.

He said he heard some gunshots, heard people screaming “shooter! shooter!” and ran away along with the others.

The Filipino employee does not want to be identified because he was told by management not to talk to the media, but he confirmed with BA that there were no Filipino victims in the shooting.

Four people died from the Wednesday shooting: three employees shot by the gunman, and the gunman himself — who reportedly committed suicide after he shot the victims.

The Filipino employee confirms that the suspect, Lam, is not Filipino, and neither are any of the victims.

He says two of them were possibly Chinese or Vietnamese, but definitely not filipino. The other one that died was Samoan, a man he named as Mike Lefiti, who he says is married to a Filipina.

There was a fourth employee that was shot and injured. The Filipino source tells us that the injured is Mexican, and that he’s recovering at the hospital.

The Filipino employee says he knew Jimmy as a nice guy, and so he and his coworkers cannot understand why he would go on a shooting spree.

They believe that he targeted those three victims; that it wasn’t a random shooting. They just do not know why he would want them dead.

The Filipino employee says that facility has about 350 employees, and about 50 are Filipino. He also says that they have all checked on one another to make sure they’re safe.

He says management has sent the employees home for now, and that he might be asked to go back to work tomorrow. However, it has been “such a traumatic experience,” and that he does not know when things will return to normal at work.


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