Latest on Pacquiao-Mayweather and upcoming WBO matches

With Mayweather shifting his focus on international exhibition fights, it makes the chances of an actual rematch with Manny Pacquiao dwindle. But Pacquiao has plenty of quality welterweight fighters to choose from.

Here are some of the upcoming welterweight boxing matches, including an exclusive interview with fighter Mikey Garcia.

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  • Mario
    22 February 2019 at 7:08 pm - Reply

    Boxing is one of the biggest entertainment business in the World. Mayweather-MPacquiao fight can SELL & generate a billion dollar revenue.The Promoter can easily raised money for a $500M fights. USA has 585 Billionaire and 11 Million, millionaire, Trump good economy, ADDED NEW 700,OOO millionaire on 2017 and 878,000 in 2018. American businessman spend money for prestiges and ARROGANCE, this new millionaire are willing to buy $50K-75K ringside ticket.. Since Boxing is an entertainment, MPacquiao will WIN, and there will be a 3rd fight, called DECISION fight. . This is Boxing.Jab,jab,jab, dancing, dancing in the ring, bring out your money to buy pay per view or ticket. USA is lucky economically to have MPacquiao.In PH only MP is lucky,he will just give “BALATO” to the politicians on the top and of course the BIR. He will never admit how much money he made, will tell you “talo ako sa sugal” sa LVegas…