Latest developments in UPS shooting; Filipino witnesses speak out

SAN FRANCISCO — With the company’s signature brown look, this Portrero Hill facility is back to the hustle and bustle of delivering goods.

But the feeling of loss in this area is palpable, as a makeshift memorial filled with flowers and handwritten notes becomes a reminder of the horror that took place just a day ago.

On Wednesday morning, a UPS driver identified as Jimmy Lam went on shooting spree, killing three fellow drivers, and then killed himself.

The city’s medical examiner identified the fatalities as Wayne Chan, Benson Louie, and Michael Lefiti.

Two other people were injured.

ABS-CBN News spoke to several Filipinos who witnessed Lam’s shooting rampage.

One witness works in an office close to the UPS facility. He was outside the building just before 9 am when the shooting began.

“A UPS driver came out in full uniform and holding a gun. He was looking at where the other UPS drivers were running to, then he put up his gun and started shooting.”

He shot maybe four or five rounds.

“May isang lumabas na ups driver, naka full uniform sya tapos may hawak syang baril tapos nakatingin sya doon kung saan patakbo ang mga ups drivers then he put up his gun and started shooting,” said one Filipino UPS employee.

The employee, who survived the tragedy, also spoke up but asked to remain anonymous, as UPS’ management reportedly told them not to grant media interviews.

He said he ran as fast as he could as soon as he heard the gunshots.

He said it was not a random shooting. Lam went after his targets.

“He shoved aside the other drivers to shoot his target, and when he did, he went outside to look for another target to shoot.”

“Parang hinawi nya yung ibang drivers para mabaril yung target nya tapos nung nabaril nya yon, pumunta pa sya sa labas para hanapin yung isa para barilin din.”

This Filipino employee confirmed that none of Lam’s victims were Filipino…although one of them was married to a Filipina.

Out of about 350 employees in the facility, about 50 are Filipinos.

He said after the incident, kababayans checked on one another.

“Thank god na walang Pilipino that died and got injured,” he said. “All my friends who are Filipinos we are all safe.”

Authorities are still trying to determine Lam’s motive for the deadly shooting.

Several media sources said he suffered from mental illness, and filed a grievance in March — complaining that he was working excessive overtime.

This Filipino employee never thought the man he described as a nice guy would go on a shooting rampage.

He added that Wednesday’s tragedy will be hard to forget.

“When I saw the crime scene and the blood on the floor, I got scared so I’m sure yung memory na ito will be on me.”

UPS is providing trauma and grief counseling services to its employees.


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