Latest COVID-19 news: U.S. cases nearing 600,000, with over 23,000 deaths

(Front Photo: A patient is transported at the emergency entrance outside Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan during the outbreak of the coronavirus disease in New York. Reuters/Mike Segar)

Almost all states in the U.S. are still in some form of lockdown and stay-at-home order amid the coronavirus pandemic.

This was far from President Donald Trump’s dream that the country would already be back to normal — with people filling the churches on Easter Sunday.

But there is a breath of good news to take in, amid the dreadful numbers of having more than 570,000 cases and more than 23,000 deaths.

The number of recovered patients from COVID-19 has now surpassed 42,000, with a few more weeks to go before the end of the 30-day campaign of the federal government.

President Trump last week said he would consider re-opening the country in a very cautious manner.

“We’re going to go back to work and we’re going to stay healthy. And staying healthy is also a proportion. If you look at what we’re doing, we’re looking at a date. We hope we’re going to be able to fulfill a certain date. But we’re not doing anything until we know that this country is going to be healthy. We don’t want to go back and start doing it over again, even though it would be on a smaller scale.”

As for Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases — when the country does open up again, he warned to expect new cases and that there should be immediate action to contain them.

“Whenever you pull back, you would expect that you might start seeing cases. And what we’ve been talking about what dr. Birx has just mentioned is that when you see that, that’s where you want your resources to be able to very efficiently in real-time identify, isolate and contact trace. So don’t let anyone get any false ideas that when we decide at a proper time, when we’re going to be relaxing some of the restrictions, there’s no doubt you’re going to see cases. I would be so surprised if we did not see cases. The question is how you respond to them.”

But over the weekend, Trump’s Twitter feed drew some controversy and speculation as he retweeted a post from Deanna Lorraine, a pro-Trump congressional candidate from California who criticized Fauci for claiming that if trump listened to health experts earlier, they could have saved more lives, and she ended it with the hashtag “Time to Fire Fauci.”

But Trump’s comment on the retweet was focused more on praising his own move to ban travel from China and not the call to fire Fauci.

Last week, Trump even praised his top medical expert on the White House task force and joked that he could one day run for Congress in New York.

All over the world, there are more than 1.9 million people infected with COVID-19, and more than 118,000 deaths so far.

Many countries are on a race to find a cure, a vaccine: doing what they can to truly flatten the curve and save more lives.

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  • Mario
    14 April 2020 at 3:23 am - Reply

    TASK FORCE VIRUS on the final lap, NY are already slowing down, most of the hot States virus death are going down. California, Oregon, and Washington are almost over. The mainstream media and the Democrat strategy is to destroy the relationship between Trump and Dr. Fauci, but it is too late. The model says 2.5 Million Americans will die, and CDC projection is 200,000 death, with thorough preparedness Dr. Fauci and Dr, Birx succeeded in suppressing 24,000 Death.They did the right direction and of course, the credit goes to the President. The Democrat does not want him to succeed.Sen HARRY REED and NANCY PELOSI and other Democrats dreamed of having a “100 years of Democrat President” it BACKFIREs, TRUMP won. Eight months to 2020 Election, this is their last chance. It is a DO or DIE move. They will lose again and death of LIBERALISM, Conservatism will rise into power for the next 50-75 years.