Las Vegas woman’s anti-Filipino rant caught on video goes viral

A Las Vegas woman, who asked not to be identified, has apologized to the Filipino community for her racist rant that was caught on video that has now gone viral.

It all started because of an argument over scattered leaves with her Filipino neighbor Dexter Manawat.

Manawat, who can be heard on the video, also shot the video of his neighbor hurling anti-Filipino slurs at him which he then posted on Facebook.

At one point, his neighbor likened him and his people to orange savages.

His neighbor also complained about how Filipinos are sucking up the country’s resources.

When interviewed by the local station KNTV, the unidentified woman says her rant was not directed at the Filipino community but toward Manawat. She says she’s afraid of retaliation after the video made the rounds on social media.

For his part, Manawat has removed the video from his Facebook page. He says, “This decision was made as a human being. As much as many say she deserves this, I don’t believe violence or physical harm is the answer. Instead of looking for her, we need to pray for her…”

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