Las Vegas strippers join the Pacquiao-Mayweather hype

LAS VEGAS – While Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are both deep in their training for the upcoming megafight, Las Vegas is also busy gearing up as the city plays host to the biggest and most anticipated match of the decade.

In just three weeks, the Pacquiao versus Mayweather bout will take place here at the MGM Grand and the fight fever gets hotter and hotter as the fight daw draws near.

A Las Vegas gentlemen’s club is capitalizing on the Paquiao-Mayweather event by putting together a “catchy promotion.”

Four strippers from their club will have Mayweather’s tattoo if Floyd wins the fight.

If Pacquiao wins the fight, then Pacman’s name will be inked on all four girls on any body part of their choice.

“We are rooting for the locals, so we are hoping that Mayweather wins. But we are fine with either of them coming in. We have specials for both of them… We have four entertainers that are lined up and waiting to have their name tattoed on them,” said Megan Swartz of Deja Vu men’s club.

Aside from the tattoo, the most interesting offer is the lifetime lap dance.

“So whoever wins is gonna come in, receives a half a million dollar bottle Dom [Perignon] Rose. It’s the last in the world, it has gold flakes in it and he also gets free couch dances for life,” said Swartz.

But since Pacquiao has already shunned vices by renewing his faith, Top Rank CEO Bob Arum said there are also leisurely things to do in Vegas for church-loving people.

“Well, I think that the Mayweather people will be drifting towards the Las Vegas strip joints which we have many, and the Filipino people will come and enjoy the amenities of Las Vegas: the good food, restaurants and the many churches that we have here in Las Vegas,” he said.

The Pacquiao-Mayweather extravaganza is expected to be the largest grossing fight in the history of boxing.

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