Las Vegas shooting causes panic, stampedes along the Strip

LAS VEGAS, NV — What sounded like non-stop gunfire detected from the 32nd floor at the Mandalay Bay casino sent concert-goers at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival, running for their lives.

“We were about to go out. We were in the elevator and there was this guy full of blood. He has lots of scratches all over his arms and blood all over his clothes; saying you better get out of here…There’s a shooting going on. Look at me, I got shot,” said Alissa and Hannah Largoza. “I’m not sure if he really got shot, but he had a lot of blood on his clothes.”

This reporter was also one of those people.

“The faint echo of gunshots can be heard four hotels away, at Planet Hollywood where we were,” he shared. “We ran with the ducking and screaming stampede looking for a safe place, not knowing if the direction we were running was towards safety or towards the gunman.”

These are images of an elevator smeared with blood from people who were injured, as a stampede of panicked people broke out at Planet Hollywood.

A Las Vegas police officer who was off-duty, attending the concert, is also among the dead, police said.


The videos show the aftermath as the injured lay on stretchers or on the ground with responders and bystanders surrounding them to give aid.


Bystanders made stretchers out of police barricades, plugged wounds with their hands to try to stop the bleeding from the wounded.


The Las Vegas strip today, normally bustling with activity, is quiet. Traffic is at a trickle. Police presence is more than tenfold. The tourists are wondering about appearing unsure of what to do, or how to enjoy a vacation in the aftermath of such tragedy.

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